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Carien Smith

is an award-winning South African writer and academic, currently a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Sheffield. In her creative work, she mainly works in the genre of short fiction. In her academic work, she works on the epistemology and morality of belief, specifically conspiracy theory beliefs. Her other research interests include climate change ethics, meaning in life, and the apocalypse. She is also interested in how catastrophe is portrayed in fictional works and what impact this has on our responses to catastrophes we face now, such as climate change. These research questions and topics are very closely related to her fictional work. She completed her Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of Johannesburg (under the supervision of Thaddeus Metz), and her Honours and BA Degrees at the University of Fort Hare (all Cum Laude).


Koos Kombuis - LitNet

Jan Rabie’s short fiction collection 21 in the sixties was a sign of renewal and it was the beginning of an era of unprecedented growth in local as well as Afrikaans literature and I hope this book can do the same.
* * *
Jan Rabie se kortverhaalbundel 21 in die sestigs het gestaan in die teken van vernuwing en dit het ’n era van ongekende bloei ingelei in plaaslike en veral Afrikaanse letterkunde en ek hoop hierdie boek kan vir ons dieselfde doen.
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